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Conjugate Group

The Conjugate Group was formed in 2017 by industry veterans with a singular aim – We leverage our vast network of industry leaders, consultants and professionals, and through them help our clients meet their development goals and milestones. From strategic advice to production-level operations, our consultants and partners can provide insight and execution at every level, with the ultimate goal of delivering life-changing and often life-saving therapies to patient populations which are very much in need of new technologies and advances.

We work with emerging small and mid-sized biotech companies who have assets in early or pre-commercial phases. These companies often do not know what they will look like in 5 years, but their programs are critical and their needs are every bit as important as those of larger, more established companies. This is where we come into play. Our consultants are professional, adaptable, and experienced, and can step into any situation, lay the foundations if needed, provide the operational help where required, and step back when appropriate. In this way our clients can efficiently advance their therapeutic candidates, remain nimble when it is critical to do so, avoid costly infrastructure until it is appropriate to add it, and ultimately keep development costs low while still conducting high quality studies.

In Biochemistry, a Conjugate is defined as substance formed by the reversible combination of two or more others. This is how we view the partnership between our clients and our consultants. We provide interim solutions which catalyze our clients’ development, while always keeping the patients at the end of this complicated trail in the forefront of our minds.

About Us

Emerging Companies and Clients

We focus exclusively on small to mid-size Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies. If your company has drug candidates in any phase of development, click below to learn how a partnership with us can be the catalyst you need.

Consultants and Professionals

We represent the top professionals in our industry and provide challenging, engaging and fulfilling work through our partnership with our clients. If you are at the top of your field, click below to learn how our world-class service can free you to focus on the work you love.

We are at your service

Contact us for more details and to schedule a meeting.

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